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Advantage Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated in Missouri in 1991 and began development and production of an external tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), then only a little known concept. In 1992 after acquiring patent rights for the product, production was begun and the Company sold the TireMate tire pressure monitoring product to the RV and trucking industries. In 1998, development commenced on the 2nd generation of product which was completed in 2000. Additional developments have continued to upgrade both the Monitor and Sensor. In late 2002, the Company again began looking at ways to take advantage of new technology to reduce the size of the Sensor while increasing accuracy, durability and reliability.

Known as a pioneer in the TPMS market, Advantage incorporated a new division, Advantage PressurePro
TM, LLC, in March of 2003 to design and produce a brand new generation of TPMS products. An agreement with Lectronix, Inc. of Lansing, Michigan brought a partnership that provided engineering expertise for development and production experience. In 2004, Advantage and Lectronix introduced the new generation of PressurePro products to the US marketplace, and worldwide. PressurePro was enthusiastically welcomed into the RV, Trucking, Bus, Industrial and Trailer aftermarkets and continues to be a leader in the TPMS market and a driving force behind the TPMS market’s technology developments.

PressureProTM distributes to several markets, including heavy duty (Mining, Logging, Construction, Agriculture), trucking, bus, RV, trailer and many specialized application markets. PressurePro introduced RS232 capabilities with all products allowing PressurePro users the ability to communicate tire pressure readings to remote locations, offices, cell phones and more. With the RS232 advancements, PressurePro began partnering with vehicle based communications leaders, bringing a full tire maintenance program to market.

Today, with the high cost of fuel, tires, insurance, roadside downtime and repairs, on time efficiency, vehicle costs, carbon pollution concerns and safety, TPMS is one of the hottest market segments today. TPMS technology provides drivers of all types of vehicle types and sizes better stability, handling, braking, safety and savings. As the need for TPMS continues to grow, PressurePro remains a key provider to the market. In August of 2008, PressurePro released to the market a revolutionary “Drop-and-Hook” System, designed specifically for tractor/trailer drop and hook fleets. PressurePro is committed to providing a quality product to the market and remaining a market leader in providing a reliable, durable, accurate, easy to install and simple to use TPMS product. PressurePro is a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2007.

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