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Phillip Zaroor - President, CEO and Founder of Advantage PressurePro
Phillip G. Zaroor, Founder & President of PressurePro has been instrumental in pioneering the commercial TPMS market. PressurePro was the first commercial TPMS product, the first to read more than 4 tires, the first to log tire pressure and temperature data, the first to create a fully automated system for Tractor & Trailers that drop and hook, the first to partner with telematics providers so pressure and temperature information is captured by office based software to be managed more effectively. PressurePro has become "the" source for TPMS technology and products. Mr. Zaroor has guided PressurePro to an industry leading position, has developed key relationships with manufacturers, partners and providers in the transportation industry, has developed key partnerships with technology providers and has strongly supported development of TPMS technologies. PressurePro continues to be the market leader, providing leading edge products to partners and customers. With over 40 years of business leadership, Mr. Zaroor provides corporate direction and participates with his management and staff in guiding PressurePro to remain the TPMS industry leader.
Vanessa Hargrave- Chief Marketing Officer
As PressurePro's Director of Marketing, Vanessa is charged with planning and executing PressurePro's marketing campaigns, both nationally and worldwide. With PressurePro since 2004, Vanessa is charged with maintaining and building the PressurePro brand across the numerous markets served. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing print and online advertising, social media presence, in-person appearances such as trade shows and educational speeches, marketing collateral and more. Vanessa also works closely with many leading voices in the trucking and transportation markets to help educate consumers on the importance of proper tire maintenance. Noted as a voice in TPMS education and information, Vanessa remains devoted to helping customers add safety, savings and environmental benefits, both on the road and off.
Jason Zaroor - Chief Operating Officer
Having joined PressurePro in 2013, Jason leads PressurePro's sales with a coordinated and structured strategy, both domestically and internationally. With over 19 years of experience in business, sales and management, Jason is responsible for overseeing all sales and sales coordination in the US and abroad. In addition to overseeing PressurePro's in-house sales team, Jason works hand in hand with PressurePro's extensive network of technology partners and distributors, is responsible for evaluating new products and sales markets and assists with identifying new technologies to add to PressurePro's already comprehensive lineup.
Jeromy Mogharbel - Lead Engineer
With PressurePro since 2011, Jeromy has put his education in engineering to the test leading all development and product design. Responsible for product progression and engineering, as well as day-to-day technology of current and new product solutions, Jeromy has assisted PressurePro in cementing their position as the technology leader in the TPMS and tire solution market. Above these duties, Jeromy is also instrumental in PressurePro's world-class line up of partnering technologies, working with partners to create advanced integrated solutions that offer customers all-in-one communications/TPMS solutions.
Rhita Zaroor - Office Manager
A co-Founder of PressurePro alongside of Phillip Zaroor, Rhita has served as office manager since the company's inception and is intimately involved in guidance of the company. Rhita is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities including day to day management of the office, inventory, shipping, policy development, arranging corporate travel and office operations.
Robin Sutton - Finance Director
Joining PressurePro in 2007, Robin brought with her years of experience in trucking and financials, owning Sutton Trucking with husband John. Doubled with a background in accounting, Robin quickly rose to lead PressurePro's financial department. Charged with day-to-day financial activities, Robin is also responsible for ordering and inventory control, works with distributors and partners for ordering and billing, handles collections and is fundamental to PressurePro's sales chain, working intimately with manufacturers to coordinate inventory, forecasts and warranty work.
Nathalie Zaroor - Sales (RV, Bus, Emergency, Light Truck and Specialty Markets)
Having joined PressurePro in 2007, Nathalie first began her work with PressurePro in accounting and customer service, learning day-to-day operations of the Company and becoming a familiar face and voice to many of PressurePro's clients and partners. Showcasing a natural tendency to sales, Nathalie soon made the transition to PressurePro's sales team and today heads sales to the RV, Bus, Coach, Emergency, light truck and other specialty markets. Nathalie works closely with customers, manufacturers and distributors, to bring added savings and safety to their, or their customers', operations.
Zachary Zaroor - Sales (Distributor Accounts)
Joining the PressurePro team in 2013, Zach has immediately made important contributions to PressurePro. Leading sales with distributors across the U.S., including work with commercial tire/oil distributors, Zach has shown strong abilities to train others on PressurePro technology, installation and use while working hand –in-hand with distributors and dealers across the country. Zach is responsible for growing and maintaining PressurePro's distribution and dealer base and for providing sales and technical training to those contacts.
Margaux Guzman - Logistics Manager
With PressurePro since 2013, Margaux is responsible for all logistics operations within PressurePro. Managing all day-to-day shipments and scheduling, Margaux also handle in-coming shipments, inventory management, international documentation and more as well as working closely with Tech to manage and schedule all customer service work including exchanges, warranty work and more. With a background in finance and business operations, Margaux also assists in customer service, purchase orders and office operations.
Edward Lutsko - Technology Manager
Having Joined PressurePro in 2014, Edward is responsible for assisting with and handling technology and service operations, analysis of products and leads special case product testing. He has 5 years of management and emergency services background with a knack for technology and innovation. Edward also assists with emergency and specialty vehicle and applications sales and serves as an installation lead.

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