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Back in 2005 we were looking for a tire pressure monitoring system that would integrate into our fleet that was cost effective and user friendly. After researching other products I found that the PressurePro would best suit what we wanted in a pressure monitoring system. We have been using the Advantage PressurePro since 2006 with great success. It has dramatically cut our OTR cost along with increased fuel economy and extending the miles per 32nd with more even tread wear. We implemented it across our fleet which consists of 70 Kenworth and Peterbilt Tractors. We made the decision to add to our fleet in 2009 and we brought in 45 new tractors. Tri Hi has gone to all wide-based tires which cost more so it’s important we manage the tires better. We considered different TPMS products and chose PressurePro and we’ve been very happy with the product and their service.

Outside the tire sensors made sense to us over the other systems that installed inside the tire. We’re not interested in breaking down tires to install sensors, we don’t want to damage sensors when changing worn tires and we don’t want to break down tires when we rotate tires, too much time and expense. We had a concern about theft of the sensors since they sit on the stem but we’ve never had a sensor stolen in the 3 years we’ve been using the system and they’ve more than paid for themselves.

We found we got longer wear from our tires and our cost to maintain them decreased. Our average, miles per year on steers is now between 135K to 150K (was 90K before use of PressurePro). On drive tires they’d be rotated front to back and flipped on the rim during the year before replaced the following year with about 260K to 325K miles on them. Same on trailers, about 50% of the tires get flipped on the rim and aren’t replaced until they’ve got about 140K to 170K miles. We did no retreading on them during that time. That’s mileage with the PressurePro system on. PressurePro enables our drivers to detect a low tire and take action before we have damage to a tire or a catastrophic failure. A failure OTR cost us $1,200 plus down time and that’s if the driver doesn’t damage the rim. So that’s the performance we see from the PressurePro and yes it makes it easier for the driver. We also have a couple T-660’s, they have just fewer than 200k on them. We just pulled a set of drives on one of our Peterbilt 387’s that had 298K on them with 8/32nd of tread left. We pulled them because the driver had spun one of them cutting the tread or we could still have kept them in service. With the PressurePro helping to lower the bottom line we can be more cost effective for our customers without sacrificing reliability. I think the Advantage PressurePro tire monitoring system is a great tool and would highly recommend it to anyone... pays for itself.

Matt Hein
Tri Hi Transportation Inc.


We own a 2006 Allegro Bus and in Feb of 2007, we added the Pressure Pro system to both the coach & towed vehicle. On our trip from our residence in Florida to our summer home in ND, we had not one, but two incidences where our monitor alerted us to tire problems. First a tire on our towed vehicle had a nail in it and when we were fueling up at a Flying J, the monitor alarm went off. The next day the outside duel tire on the coach did the same thing. The monitor woke George from his nap!

Either incident would have been costly & perhaps devastating if we had not had the PressurePro. Because of our experience with your product, we have persuaded many fellow RV’ers to make the investment in PressurePro. The cost is minimal compared to the cost of loosing a tire on either the coach or towed vehicle. We consider the PressurePro our best investment yet!

George & Susan Rogers
Melbourne, FL


Tire Pressure Monitoring is as important to your RV and/or tow or toad, as it is to making sure doors were locked and the gas turned off, at home before you left on your latest adventure. Your investment in your RV and accessories is significant. Protecting your safety, your family and friends and your 2nd home is a paramount concern. Tire Pressure Monitoring is of utmost importance in adding safety, fuel savings, and extending tire life.

PressurePro alerts to low tire pressure - allowing time for corrective action during dangerously low tire pressure situations. PressurePro meets the needs of a huge market segment, providing increased safety and savings, all with a tire pressure monitoring system that is simple to install and easy to operate. PressurePro displays current tire pressure and alerts to dangerous, low tire pressures, utilizing both a visual and audible alert.

The National Recreational Vehicle Owners Club


Wanted to let you know everything is going good with our PressurePro product. The PressurePro system saves us time and money by helping us schedule our tire repairs before tire damage or blowouts. We find they are saving us on costly roadside service calls and costs as have decreased late deliveries due to tire problems.

Kevin Rosencrans
Brink Farms, Inc.


I am a user of the PressurePro on my 1998 Overland MotorHome with which I tow a 2001 Grand Cherokee Jeep. All 10 tires are protected by Pressure-Pro which gives me a real sense of security while traveling down the road. Do you have any idea how much a blow-out on a dual tire on a motor home can cost? When it happens going down the road, without PressurePro, there is no warning. There generally is no spare tire in the vehicle. The service company must come to you, bring a tire, (or go back and find one of the right size and configuration is such is available, remove the old tire and install the new one on the roadside). This can easily cost $1000-1500. But that is only the small part. When a dual tire blows, it tears up the underside of the coach ripping out air lines, hoses, paneling, etc. This can cost several thousand dollars more.

Do you see how valuable PressurePro us to RV travelers and truckers? And when the front tire blows, it can cause the vehicle to roll over, plunge off the road or worse, crash into someone else. Serious injury often results.

Do you see how much America needs you? You have an excellent prevention for such tragedy. Be glad you do what you do. You should be on the front page of every trade and industry publication that supports the transportation industry.
You have the product.

Aaron York, Sr.
Indianapolis, Indiana


We are full-time RVer's and have been using our Advantage Pressure Pro TPMS for about 4 years. We are writing to tell our fellow RVer’s (and any everyone else who drives vehicles with tires) that the Advantage Pressure Pro system works very well. We have had more than one tire problem that the system has alerted us to.

Recently, while driving on I-10 in Arizona, the audible alarm alerted us to a problem and the display showed that the right front tire on our 5th wheel was losing air at a rate of about 20 pounds ev

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