PressurePro remains the preffered TPMS partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers around the globe. Why?

American Made: To ensure unmatched reliability and durability, PressurePro proudly remains the only TPMS provider to design and manufacture in the USA

Advanced Quality Control: PressurePro’s product is built and certified at top quality and automotive standards, including ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Intellectual Property: In addition to manufacturing locally, PressurePro retains ownership of all IP; further fostering continued innovation and nimbleness.

Global Network: PressurePro has built a global network of trusted partners, who distribute and support our comprehensive line of solutions into over 40 countries.

Unmatched Experience: Most importantly, PressurePro has unrivaled knowledge and experience, gained from three decades of developing and driving TPMS technology.

Advanced Integration Options: Multiple integration routes (RS232/CAN), combined with advanced experience, enables PressurePro technology to be integrated in days.

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PressurePro is proud to be the TPMS partner of choice, providing factory options for global brands including…

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