A man in a small, rural, Missouri town was approached with a sketch on a napkin, a seemingly wild idea, to bring an unknown technology to the masses. The problem? This first-of-its-kind product would need to be designed and manufactured from scratch, and the masses — well — you’d have to first completely educate them as to what this product was and why they needed it, before they could consider buying it. It wouldn’t be easy, but if it could be accomplished, you could be the innovator of a product that could add safety to our roads. Most men wouldn’t have taken the risk… luckily, Phillip Zaroor wasn’t most men.

Within months, Advantage Enterprises (PressurePro’s parent company) was founded and by early 1992, patents for the first ever external TPMS solution (the only TPMS in existence was a factory option by Porsche in their 959’s) were acquired. By year’s end, production and sales of the TireMate branded tire pressure monitoring systems were up and running. Commitment to continued development and improvement lead to numerous updates and revisions throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s, coinciding with the growth of market awareness to the safety and savings benefits provided by TPMS, resulting in increased sales and market penetration. In 2003, already credited as the pioneers in our industry, Advantage Enterprises incorporated a new division, Advantage PressureProTM LLC, to design and produce a new generation of solutions that would take tire pressure monitoring to the next level with unmatched ease of use and never-before-seen capabilities. In 2004, the PressurePro branded line of advanced TPMS options were introduced, offering users universal Sensor options (bye-bye inflation and location specific limitations), user settable baselines and more.

Today, PressurePro remains rooted in our family owned and operated business values, while maintaining the same drive for advancement that helped establish us as the Global Standard in TPMS. Supplying American designed and manufactured solutions to drivers and fleets across the globe, we offer the market’s most trusted and comprehensive line-up of product, the industry’s most advanced capabilities and we back it all with top quality customer service and a worldwide support network.


PressurePro continues our mission to revolutionize tire maintenance by providing innovative and powerful Tire Performance Management Solutions, simplifying a complex task.


PressurePro’s vision is to change the global perception and practice of tire management.

PressurePro Company Values

Kaizen: Never stop improving, never stop innovating.
Passion: You can’t be extraordinary doing ordinary things.
Ownership: Your work is your product, and we own it.
Teamwork: Our diversity of talents are most powerful when united.
Service: Giving outstanding service is paramount to our success.
Integrity: Doing the right thing isn’t optional.
Citizenship: We will remain leaders in our communities.


In Memoriam — Phillip G. Zaroor, Founder

The Pioneer of TPMS, Phil wasn’t just our founder and leader, he was the trailblazer of our

industry. His unmatched passion for bringing safety and savings to our roads drove his 25 year commitment to making TPMS (a term he’s credited for coining) a household technology. While guiding PressurePro to our position as the Global Standard in tire performance technology,

Phil simultaneously anchored our company in our family owned values, ensuring we

remained customer focused during our continuous drive for innovation.

Today, we proudly carry on Phil’s legacy and dedication.


Founder/Board Chairman


President and CEO


Director of Finance


Director of Engineering


Director of Technology


Recreational Account Manager


Commercial Account Manager


Logistics Specialist


Customer Support
Founder/Board Chairman
President and CEO
Director of Finance
Director of Engineering
Director of Technology
Recreational Account Manager
Commercial Account Manager
Logistics Specialist
Customer Support


Co-Founding PressurePro alongside husband Phillip Zaroor, Rhita has been multi-faceted since incorporation. Affectionately referred to as our ‘Queen Bee, Rhita ran and grew PressurePro alongside Phil for 24 years, helping grow the TPMS market, and PressurePro’s leading role within it, before taking a brief step back in 2014 to once again be at Phil’s side during cancer treatment. Today, Rhita remains our majority business owner and Chairman of the Board, helping guide PressurePro’s high level vision.

Outside of PressurePro, you’ll find Rhita constantly on-the-go with one (or several) of her eight children or 17 grandchildren, taking in a concert with her Adrian, or jet-setting across the globe to knock items off her bucket-list (ask her about Clapton at Royal Albert Hall).

JASON ZAROOR : President and CEO

Recruited to PressurePro in 2013 to serve as our Director of Sales, Jason quickly rose to the challenge of leading and expanding PressurePro’s sales and distribution worldwide. Taking over reigns of President and CEO in 2016, Jason still works intimately with our extensive distribution network to lead sales strategies, but is also charged with leading overall business development. Overseeing PressurePro business, from road-mapping product development and cultivating continued partnerships to maintaining PressurePro’s core values both in-house and out, Jason remains more than key in PressurePro’s continued success. Committed to carrying on our Founder’s commitment to the continued education of our market, Jason remains the most noted ‘face’ of PressurePro, frequently participating in and leading TPMS and tire maintenance focused presentations and educational sessions.

Outside of PressurePro, you’ll find Jason relaxing with his wife, Apple, and their four children, working towards his Senior PGA tour card at local KC golf courses (eligible in 2027), and, occasionally, dominating the local Community Center basketball circuit. He's also a avid sports fan, whether watching his Kentucky Wildcats cut down the nets (yes, we’re rolling our eyes too), or patiently waiting for the Chiefs to hoist the Lombardi Trophy once again.


Joining PressurePro in 2004, Vanessa swiftly took the reins of marketing, becoming PressurePro’s Director of Marketing (and eventually CMO) and helping steer and develop PressurePro’s global branding strategies across their many markets. Working hand in hand with our team, including partners worldwide, Vanessa designs, develops and implements PressurePro’s marketing practices, from advertising/editorial and social media presence to in-person appearances including trade shows and educational seminars. Maintaining these duties while also officially taking on COO responsibilities in 2016, Vanessa also helps lead PressurePro’s day-to-day operations and carry out overall business strategies. Noted as am established voice in TPMS, Vanessa remains devoted to helping customers add safety, savings and environmental benefits, both on the road and off.

Outside of PressurePro, you’ll find Vanessa spending time with family – especially husband, Jon, and son, Hudson – and friends, camping, boating or traveling. Deeply involved with local charities, Vanessa co-chairs Harrisonville Just4Me (summer food assistance program) and serves as Board Member for both Harrisonville Bright Futures and the Harrisonville Park Board. She’s also noted as an extreme over-decorator for holidays, envied by fellow hunters for her 20 point buck record and well-known for turning into a sailor during Chiefs games.

ROBIN SUTTON : Director of Finance

Joining PressurePro in 2007, Robin brought with her years of experience in trucking and financials, owning Sutton Trucking with husband John. Doubled with a background in accounting, Robin quickly rose to lead PressurePro's financial department. Charged with leading all financial activities from day-to-day to high level policy, Robin is responsible for purchase order placement and receiving, billing/collection, term approval, accounting responsibilities and more. Further, Robin remains fundamental to PressurePro's sales chain, working intimately with manufacturing and PressurePro leadership and partners to coordinate inventory, forecasts and more.

Outside of PressurePro, you’ll find Robin spending every available moment with her grandchildren – or in the stands cheering them on in youth leagues - enthralled in any home improvement show she can find, MMA fighting at the local Y and working on her world-class fish pond. (We might have snuck in something on her there. We’ll let you decide what.)

JEROMY MOGHARBEL : Director of Engineering

With PressurePro since 2011, Jeromy has put his education in engineering (we owe you thanks ASU) to good use as PressurePro’s point man for all things engineering and design. Tasked not only with constantly improving and innovating our current/steady product lines, Jeromy is also responsible for leading all new product development, working closely with PressurePro leadership, partners and manufacturing to direct and implement product roadmap strategies. Additionally, Jeromy is heavily involved with PressurePro’s extensive certification work, helping ensure our legacy of top-quality performance continues. Remaining involved with day-to-day technology assistance and customer service, you just might recognize his face or name when you call or live-chat us as well!

Outside of PressurePro Jeromy likes to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with his family.

EDWARD LUTSKO : Director of Technology

Having joined PressurePro in 2014, Edward quickly grew and transformed his original responsibilities and position as a customer service representative to become a key member of PressurePro’s technical team. Now our Technical Director, Edward’s background in emergency services management and natural inclination for technology and equipment, serves him well as he leads PressurePro’s vast integration and software portfolios. Working closely with technology partners, from telematics/communications providers to original equipment manufacturers, Edward is charged with creating seamless integration capabilities, unlocking advanced monitoring options for customers, as well as leads all development for PressurePro’s innovative Connect platform and TPMS app offerings.

Outside of PressurePro Edward enjoys spending time with his daughter, Sophia, especially their daddy-daughter dates. When not in dad-mode - though his notorious dad-jokes never cease - he likes to relax while hanging with friends, flirting with Nathalie’s friends, BBQ’ing and following/supporting his favorite sports teams; the Royals, Chiefs and OU.

NATHALIE ZAROOR : Recreational Account Manager

Having joined our team in 2007, Nathalie first cut her teeth in PressurePro operations working in accounting and customer service, learning day-to-day operations of the Company and becoming a familiar face and voice to many of PressurePro's clients and partners. Showcasing a natural tendency to sales, Nathalie soon made the transition to PressurePro's sales team and today leads the management and expansion of PressurePro sales across recreational and light markets.

Outside of PressurePro, you'll catch Nathalie in full mom mode to Carson, their newest addition Quincy (Mr. Lucky) and her fur daughter Finley. Though we tease her for her constant clumsiness in-house, her balance somehow manages to regulate with a snowboard or surfboard attached to her and you'll frequently find her with husband, Cory, on the lakes and slopes.

ZACH ZAROOR : Commercial Account Manager

Joining PressurePro 2013, Zach immediately jumped into his role as a Commercial Account Manager, leading and developing sales and distribution across the US. With focus on PressurePro’s commercial markets, Zach is charged with managing PressurePro’s current commercial accounts, as well as growing, training and supporting new accounts across the fleet and commercial markets. Skilled in PressurePro’s technology and in-depth installation know-how, Zach bridges the gap between sales and implementation, crucial for continued innovation and customer satisfaction.

Outside of the office, Zach can often be found with his wife and two children. Its likely you’ll find Zach in the woods or on the river as his favorite activities are crappie fishing, hunting everything from waterfowl to deer, working on his boat and playing bag toss with his friends. All this of course, after the time he takes to have deep and intellectual conversations about romance novels and adopting kittens who need a happy home.

MARGAUX GUZMAN : Logistics Specialist

With PressurePro since 2013, Margaux is responsible for all logistics related operations and duties. Managing day-to-day order processing and shipping, in-coming shipment (including inventory) acceptance, international/customs documentation/compliance and more, Margaux is charged with ensuring ease of flow for, well, everything moving in and out of headquarters and to our customers around the globe. Working closely with every division within PressurePro, Margaux also assists tech in the customer RMA process, sales in their order scheduling and more.

Outside of PressurePro, Margaux enjoys her time with her three kiddos, Hayden, Aixa and Sebastien. When not out on her Harley, she keeps busy at their sporting events and enjoys practicing her bow shot.

KAMRYN CACIPPO : Customer Support

Joining our team in 2019 as a customer support specialist, Kamryn is one of the first voices on the phone, ready to provide quick assistance with product support and more. In addition to customer support, Kam has grown her responsibilities to lead the majority of PressurePro’s in-house product support, from managing specialized software flashing to customized product preparation and more.

Outside of PressurePro, Kamryn enjoys spending time with her family, especially her fur baby Lenny, going to the lake and on walks, and painting.