The heart of our our comprehensive TPMS line, PressurePro Sensors arm users with the market’s only patent pending Dynamic Sensor technology. In addition to historical floor and ceiling alerts, our intelligent Sensors leverage unrivaled internal logic to continuously learn each tire’s unique performance, and utilize optimal operating parameters to create dynamic alerts – alerting you to tire issues 3x’s faster.

Offering regular and industrial/large bore options, PressurePro Sensors gives you the real time tire performance data needed to add safety and savings to every road – or off-road – you travel.



patented dynamic reporting provides alerts 3x’s faster

potted for advanced durability in all environments

8-208 psi sensor pressure operating range

thread direct to stem, installing in seconds

sealed (waterproof) for top performance in all applications

standard and large bore options for use on all tire types/sizes

increased sampling and reporting during working conditions


Data logging capabilities are further advanced by PressurePro’s Automated Data Logging Software (free for customer use), arming users with a progressive analyzation tool, while built-in RS232 and J1939 capabilities unlock quick integration to vehicle networks and communications devices, enabling remote monitoring.