PressurePro™ Celebrates 25 Years of TPMS Innovation

World leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions celebrate a quarter century in the market.

Harrisonville, MO: March 28, 2016:  Advantage PressureProTM LLC, noted pioneers and market leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions (formerly known as Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) technologies is celebrating 25 years of providing the market’s most tested and proven TPMS solutions to the recreation, commercial and heavy duty markets. Founded in March of 1991 by Phillip and Rhita Zaroor, PressurePro has remained a local, family owned and operated business while growing their distribution and product reach across the globe.

“Our hometown of Harrisonville, Missouri is a small city of about 10,000. Many people, even in our own community don’t realize the reach our business has in over 40 countries across the world, or that we remain the only American Made TPMS solution on the market,” stated Vanessa Zaroor Hargrave, PressurePro’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Quite simply, it’s exciting what we’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish. It’s also a true testament to the character and passion of our father that he was able to not only develop a product that would add savings and safety for drivers and fleets of all types, but being the Originals in TPMS, he was able to develop the market for that product as well. Perhaps the most important lesson that Phil instilled in all of us at PressurePro is to “act locally and think globally”. This mantra has allowed us to maintain our commitment to the local community while continuing to break barriers in our market across the globe.”

Known as the pioneers in their field, PressurePro has remained committed to the advancement of TPMS technologies since incorporation. Introducing to the market many “firsts”, PressurePro lead the development of customizable alerts, data logging, integrated TPMS/Telematics (remote monitoring) solutions and more, PressurePro’s comprehensive product offering took another leap ahead in 2015 with the release of their TPMS+ platform.

“We’re certainly not slowing down,” stated Chief Operating Officer, Jason Zaroor. “In fact, we look forward to several new product releases in 2016 that will help further cement our dedication to the continued development and advancement of the TPMS market. We’re seeing a revolution right now, not just in the technology available for the transportation market, but also in how that technology is used to help significantly reduce operational costs, boost production and add safety to our roadways. We intend to continue forging the way, not just for the benefit of our customers, but for the continued safety of all drivers.”

About Advantage PressureProTM, LLC: Advantage PressurePro is the developer and marketer of the PressurePro line of Tire Pressure Monitoring Solutions. The leading aftermarket TPMS system worldwide, PressurePro has been involved in the industry since 1991 and is renowned as the pioneer in the TPMS market. With a reputation for reliability, durability, accuracy and ease of use of their solutions, PressurePro remains the only TPMS manufacturer that provides American Made product. The only TPMS provider to offer numerous advanced monitoring options, PressurePro was the first TPMS Company to add communications capabilities across their product line, bringing to life remote monitoring options alongside of the world’s leading Telematics products. PressurePro also remains the only TPMS provider to offer fully automated drop-and-hook applications and data logging abilities. Trusted by customers worldwide, PressurePro remains committed to providing savings and safety for drivers worldwide. For further information visit PressurePro online at