PressurePro™ Launches Barrier Breaking TPMS+ Platform

Worldwide leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions and TPMS technologies have announced to the market the launch of their barrier breaking TPMS+ platform with the release of the PressurePro PULSE display. Featuring PressurePro’s market leading reliability and durability, the PULSE display introduces several never before seen technology options, giving users unmatched features and ease of use.

“We are very excited to have launched our new technology platform,”
stated Vanessa Hargrave, PressurePro’s COO and Director of Marketing. “We are constantly working to push the limits of our solutions through unmatched innovation and development and for quite some time, we’ve provided our customers with much more than simple tire pressure monitoring. With another leap ahead in technology, it’s time we lead the market into the next generation of Tire Performance Management; into TPMS+”

PressurePro’s PULSE, the flagship of their TPMS+ platform, brings users PressurePro’s complete range of legacy features, including real time monitoring, two low pressure alerts, a high pressure alert and high temperature alert, as well as a complete line-up of new capabilities. Featuring an easy to read screen, quick glance alert notice and fully adjustable vehicle layouts and screen views, the PULSE allows users to customize their screen to their liking. Alert prioritization and fully adjustable alert levels gives users the ability to tailor design their monitoring to fit their needs and use. Featuring the capability to monitor up to 80 tires at once and store up to 5 pre-programmed units, PULSE allows users to monitor any type of vehicle or easily switch the display between vehicles for advanced user freedom. Finally, built in CAN and RS232 capabilities, as well as built in data logging, featuring microSD card storage, brings users never before seen integration and data dump abilities.

Capable of utilizing PressurePro’s legacy Sensors as well as upcoming Sensor technology, PULSE brings both current and future customers the ability to immediately utilize the next generation of TPMS and add significant savings, efficiencies and safety to their operations.