TGI-Connect and PressurePro Unveil Integration Plans

TGI and PressurePro, leaders in intelligent asset tracking and Tire Performance Management Solutions (TPMS) respectively, have announced to the market their intent to integrate technology.

Announced in conjunction with the opening of Trimble’s In.Sight User Conference, the completion of this integration would feature wireless connectivity between the solutions, allowing fleets immediate access to realtime tire condition reports for each of their trailers, powered or not.

“We feel the transportation industry is moving to a more trailer-centric viewpoint. By integrating our proven global trailer tracking solution with best of breed sensor partners and in particular with Pressure Pro’s highly successful TPMS system, we are bringing our mutual customers a solution beyond that which the competition can deliver” said Randy Boyles, vice president, Partner and Peripheral Integration for TGI.

Leaning on TGI’s Solar Satellite devices, an integrated solution would unlock comprehensive trailer health reports from anywhere in the world; allowing fleets to monitor trailer health while in service and to check trailer health before scheduling it for service.

“The commercial market understands how arming yourself with reliable, actionable data can help you maintain a competitive advantage,” stated Vanessa Hargrave, COO of PressurePro. “This integration, and the ability to give trailer health checks while in the yard, would allow us to help fleets operate at the peak of efficiency and safety. As such, we’re excited to explore this opportunity further with TGI.”

About TGI: Headquartered in Stoney Creek, Ontario, CA, TGI is a leading provider of intelligent asset tracking solutions for transportation companies. TGI is 100% focused on trailer tracking, enabling the company to be the best at providing continual trailer management innovation to its customers. With thousands of solar powered, maintenance free units on the TGI network, the TGI mission is to save trucking companies money through reliable, high value, and long-lasting equipment. Learn more at

About Advantage PressureProTM, LLC: World leaders in Tire Performance Management, PressurePro has armed users with the market’s most trusted and advanced TPM Solutions since 1991. A global company whose roots remain firm in their family owned business values, PressurePro remains driven to add safety and savings to every road you travel. Noted pioneers of their industry, PressurePro continues the innovation of their comprehensive line of offerings, providing users with the real time tire performance data needed to save fuel, extend tire life, decrease maintenance, reduce downtime, improve compliance and more. Learn more about their full line of stand-alone and integrated TPMS options at