PressurePro and Xite Announce Integration

Worldwide leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions, has partnered with AMETEK, the industry leader in custom dashboard instrument displays for heavy trucks and other vehicles, in offering an integrated CAN-Communicator 2-inch (C-Com 2G) graphic display that provides real-time tire performance data. The fully digital gauge provides users with a durable and functional display option that easily enables original equipment (OE) or aftermarket installation.

“By providing our real-time tire performance data to AMETEK’s C-Com 2G Display, we’ve given our customers yet another simple yet ruggedized display option that will work seamlessly across many vehicle types including trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, mining equipment, emergency vehicles, agriculture equipment and more,” stated Edward Lutsko, PressurePro’s Technology Manager. “The display’s IP67 rating ensures top ruggedness and performance in even the harshest of conditions while the small and attractive viewable makes it suitable across several vehicle markets.”

The integrated display provides real-time tire performance readings as well as PressurePro’s complete lineup of alerts, including alarms for low pressure (2 levels of alerts), high pressure, high temperature, fast leaks and cross axle discrepancy.

“We are pleased to join with industry-leader PressurePro in offering customers a tire performance management solution integrated with our C-Com line of custom dashboard displays and further extend the range of relevant vehicle information our system is designed to communicate ,” comments Bill Day, Divisional Vice President of Sales & Marketing for AMETEK VIS.

About AMETEK VIS: AMETEK VIS is a leading manufacturer of custom dashboard instruments and displaces for heavy trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. Its customizable solutions include rugged instrumentation, driver information displays, graphics displays and message centers for construction vehicles, off-highway vehicles, specialty vehicles, buses, RVs, military vehicles, and over-the-road trucks. Additional products include CAN keypads, CAN interface modules, compass modules and power multiplexing. AMETEK VIS is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with 2014 annual sales of $4.0 billion.