PressurePro Chosen as TPMS Option for Winnebago

Advantage PressurePro and Wenco International Mining Systems, Ltd are proud to release an integrated TPMS/fleet management solution. PressurePro is a recognized world leader in tire performance management solutions. Similarly, Wenco — a Canadian subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery — is a world-leading provider of comprehensive fleet management systems for surface mining operations. Together, they provide an integrated package that brings users PressurePro’s full tire performance platform capabilities with Wenco’s complete mine management solutions.

“Using RS232 FlexIO standards, the integrated solution allows customers to monitor real-time tire performance data straight to the existing Wenco in-cab display,” says Vanessa Hargrave, CMO of PressurePro. “The integration has also set the groundwork that will allow Wenco customers to process their TPMS data at a remote location, opening the ability for email reporting, historical report analysis, and more.”

Several teams at Wenco worked with PressurePro to create a focused, easy-to-use interface that can be added to any Wenco system worldwide.

“Working with PressurePro to provide our mutual customers the best possible TPMS solution for their mine, integrated into our software for a seamless interaction is what we do,” said Geoff Gauthier, Marketing Supervisor for Wenco. “Ensuring the mine site is as productive as possible and that the user interface is easily recognizable and easy to navigate helps the site achieve its goals.”

PressurePro dealers and customers can work directly with Wenco representatives worldwide to learn more and outfit their fleet.

About Wenco: With over 25 years in the industry and offices on six continents, Wenco provides a comprehensive fleet management system for surface mining operations of all sizes worldwide. Wenco delivers world class software and hardware to accurately record equipment activity, location, time, production, and maintenance information. Wenco products are supported by an in-house staff of engineers, mining industry experts, software developers, and training specialists. Wenco is dedicated to ensuring your mine is as safe, efficient, and profitable as possible. Wenco’s international headquarters is located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and regional staff are located in the United States, Chile, South Africa, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Russia, India, and Australia. This extensive global presence gives Wenco the ability to build strong client relationships and provide the highest levels of customer service.