Tiffin Selects PressurePro™ as Standard TPMS Offering

Luxury Motorhome manufacturer selects PressurePro™ Tire Performance Management Solutions as a standard safety option across their PowerGlide Chassis.

Advantage PressurePro, LLC, leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions (TPMS) and Tiffin Motorhomes Inc, an industry leader in luxury Class A and C coaches, announced today the selection of PressurePro’s TPMS as a standard across Tiffin Motorhomes’ PowerGlide Chassis offerings. The offering, which leverages PressurePro’s integration with Valid Manufacturing’s Graphical Instrument Cluster, adds real time tire performance readings and alerts directly to drivers, adding safety and savings to their travels.

“Maintaining optimal tire pressures is pivotal to improving fuel efficiency, extending tire life, enhancing braking and handling, decreasing downtime and more,” stated Edward Lutsko, PressurePro’s Technology Director. “Tiffin customers, upon their first turn of the key, will now gain a seamless, integrated, monitoring, parked or traveling.”

In addition to performance benefits, PressurePro’s technology also adds enhanced safety for Tiffin customers.

“Driving with incorrect tire pressures doesn’t just decrease performance, it compromises safety,” stated Tiffin Chassis Engineer, Corbette Davis. “Tiffin was looking for a fully integrated tire monitoring system that is user friendly and easy to maintain, and PressurePro checked all the boxes.”

“It’s always exciting to be selected as the TPMS of choice across a product offering, but this partnership is perhaps even more so” stated Vanessa Zaroor Hargrave, PressurePro’s COO. “Like Tiffin’s storied history as a proud, family owned and operated business who takes great pride in providing top of the line coaches that can proudly carry their family name, PressurePro remains rooted in our family owned and operated ideals as we continue to push the innovation of our market. It’s always a bit sweeter not only working with another market leader, but one with such similar values.”

About Advantage PressureProTM, LLC: World leaders in Tire Performance Management, PressurePro has armed users with the market’s most trusted and advanced TPM Solutions since 1991. A global company whose roots remain firm in their family owned business values, PressurePro remains driven to add safety and savings to every road you travel. Noted pioneers of their industry, PressurePro continues the innovation of their comprehensive line of offerings, providing users with the real time tire performance data needed to save fuel, extend tire life, decrease maintenance, reduce downtime, improve compliance and more. Learn more about their full line of stand-alone and integrated TPMS options at www.pressurepro.us.