PressurePro™ Announces Intelligent Monitor Upgrades

Advantage PressurePro the world leader in Commercial Tire Pressure Monitoring technologies, who also recently announced numerous upgrades to their Intelligent Gateway product, has officially announced to the market several upgrades and technology developments to their Flex Intelligent Monitor (ITM). These developments give customers new levels of functionality and customization not before allowed in the TPMS market.

The PressurePro Flex ITM, traditionally used to allow users to display readings and alerts from PressurePro’s Universal Repeaters, allowing fully automated drop-and-hook monitoring for multi-trailer fleets, now allows users to set custom reference pressures and custom temperature alert levels. Utilizing PressurePro’s Configuration Software, the upgrades also allow easy in-shop installation of Sensors to the Monitor.

“The new upgrades also allow integrators an easier way to connect to the Flex ITM to through a serial port, directly to the integrator’s communications box, utilizing RS232 protocols,” explains Vanessa Hargrave, PressurePro’s Director of Marketing. “Essentially, these upgrades help PressurePro maintain our ranking as the most trusted name in Commercial TPMS while at the same time allowing us to again raise the market’s bar on ease of use and advanced functionality.”