PressurePro™ Announces Intelligent Gateway Upgrades

APP the world leader in Commercial TPM technologies has officially announced the completion of several upgrades to their product line of advanced TPMS products. These developments, never before available in the TPMS market, add greater functionality and customization options for customers.

Upgrades to the PressurePro Gateway allows users to change unique ID numbers, see alerts on their vehicle dash warning light, provide a fast leak check and allows users to set Gateways to provide an alert only feature. Further, upgrades allow users to set customizable low and high pressure alerts and high temperature alert levels and to do so by tire or axle, provides user programmed trailer IDs from the Universal Repeater and brings customers the option to freeze the reference pressure if desired.

The advancements provide a number of benefits for PressurePro’s technology integration partners. Technology partners will be able to more easily request and set alerts and reference pressures. Further, the upgrades provide developers with their own software, to fluently work with the Gateway without the use of a programming monitor.

“We are focused on providing products that offer our customers a better way to save time and money on managing tires, pressures and fleet performance” says Jeromy Morharbel, Lead Engineer for PressurePro. “Simply, we want to provide fleets with the greatest savings and efficiencies possible, and are confident that these advancements to our product not only help us reach these goals, but further distance our product from other options currently on the market.”