PressurePro™ & Geotab Announce Integration Solutions

PressurePro TPMS Solutions now live and available on Geotab Marketplace

Harrisonville, MO| March 2, 2017:  Advantage PressurePro, world leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions, has announced to the market the release and launch of their integrated solutions alongside Geotab. A global leader in open IoT fleet management, Geotab provides fleets with advanced, web-based analytics, giving users the information and tools to better manage their fleet. Together, PressurePro and Geotab arm users with an advanced and fully connected TPMS solution that allows them to take full control of their tire management program.  

“TPMS allows fleets to use a single technology to drive down costs and inefficiencies across several of their largest expenses,” stated Edward Lutsko, Technology Manager, PressurePro. “PressurePro simplifies and streamlines tire maintenance, arming users with a powerful tool that identifies tire performance trends, taking their tire maintenance programs from reactive to proactive.”

The integrated solutions provide users with real time tire performance information in-cab and/or remote giving drivers the ability to correct issues as they arise and managers the ability to monitor every tire in a fleet from a single location, allowing them to remedy issues before they occur.

“Commercial fleets operate in some of the most diverse and competitive landscapes, requiring them to remain progressive in lowering their cost of operations all while becoming more efficient,” stated Vanessa Hargrave, PressurePro’s COO and Chief Marketing Officer. “PressurePro provides fleet owners and managers with a unique solution that both provides the raw data needed to save fuel, cut downtime, extend tire life and more, as well as a full backed platform that automatically computes and breaks down the tire performance data into easily understood dashboard metrics. This means managers can now take their tire maintenance practices to the next level, while cutting their budgeted time to do so, freeing time and resources to focus on other areas of improvement.”

The integrated solutions, which utilize PressurePro’s LINK (Gateway) and PULSE solutions, allow customers to connect and communicate through the vehicle network or utilizing the IOX-CAN cable from GeoTab, allowing streamlined data flow to the Geotab GO6, GO7 and GO RUGGED products. (Legacy GO4 solutions are also supported.) For more information, visit Geotab’s Marketplace or contact your Geotab or PressurePro dealers today!

About Advantage PressureProTM, LLC: Advantage PressurePro is the developer and marketer of the PressurePro line of Tire Pressure Monitoring Solutions. The leading aftermarket TPMS system worldwide, PressurePro has been involved in the industry since 1991 and is renowned as the pioneer in the TPMS market. With a reputation for reliability, durability, accuracy and ease of use of their solutions, PressurePro remains the only TPMS manufacturer that provides American Made product. The only TPMS provider to offer numerous advanced monitoring options, PressurePro was the first TPMS Company to add communications capabilities across their product line, bringing to life remote monitoring options alongside of the world’s leading Telematics products. PressurePro also remains the only TPMS provider to offer fully automated drop-and-hook applications and data logging abilities. Trusted by customers worldwide, PressurePro remains committed to providing savings and safety for drivers worldwide. For further information visit PressurePro online at

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