PressurePro™ Chosen as TPMS Option for Winnebago

Integrated PressurePro/XiteSolutions North America offering gives Winnebago users advanced TPMS options

 Harrisonville, MO| May 17, 2017:  Advantage PressurePro, world leaders in Tire Performance Management Solutions and TPMS technology, has been chosen as the TPMS provider for Winnebago’s line of Freightliner Maxum chassis offerings. The included models, encompassing the Winnebago Grand Tour, Tour and Journey models, will be gaining PressurePro’s market leading TPMS capabilities through their factory installed XiteSolutions North America Inc’s (XSNA) infotainment solution, arming users with a complete and integrated TPMS option.

“Giving Winnebago owners a comprehensive and streamlined solution that allows us to deliver our advanced monitoring capabilities is key, as tire maintenance and monitoring continue to be an integral part of ensuring a safe journey to your chosen destination,” stated Nathalie Zaroor, PressurePro’s Recreational Account Manager. “Our partnership and integration with XiteSolutions North America is a perfect solution as it arms customers with the same gold TPMS capabilities utilized by our commercial and heavy duty customers around the globe, without sacrificing ease of use or the attractive package desired by recreationalists.”

The integrated solution, distributed by RiverPark Inc., began rollout in early December (2016) and allows customers to monitor real time tire performance information directly on their infotainment screen, both during travels and while parked. Fully customizable alerts allow users to set alarm triggers per their individualized needs, while wholly integrated alert capabilities allow warnings to be delivered not just on screen, but also audibly through the vehicle’s sound system. 

“PressurePro carries a high standard of those we choose to work with, as we maintain the same elevated expectations for quality and support that we demand of our own solutions. We couldn’t be more impressed with our partnership with XiteSolutions North America or the final product birthed from it” stated Vanessa Hargrave, COO of Advantage PressurePro. “With a newly created user interface, XSNA has gone above and beyond to deliver our complete TPMS capabilities to Winnebago customers, including advanced options such as our trailer on/off settings and easy ‘sensor swap capabilities, all while maintaining unmatched ease of use and installation.”

About XiteSolutions North America Inc.: XiteSolutions North America Inc. products are available to OEM’s through RiverPark, Inc. of Elkhart, IN. Based in Ontario, Canada and founded in 2008, XiteSolutions North America Inc designs and delivers premium Infotainment Systems to the Recreational, Commercial and Specialty vehicle markets. XSNA focuses on providing value-add solutions to their OEM partners that continue to deliver the latest technologies available to today’s drivers.

RiverPark Inc.: RiverPark Inc., is a national distributor of full line of electronics to the U.S. Recreational Vehicle Industry. The industries served include recreational vehicles, van conversion, marine, manufactured housing, limousine and specialty vehicle industries.  For more information, visit or call (800) 442-7717.

About Advantage PressureProTM, LLC: Advantage PressurePro is the developer and marketer of the PressurePro line of Tire Pressure Monitoring Solutions. The leading aftermarket TPMS system worldwide, PressurePro has been involved in the industry since 1991 and is renowned as the pioneer in the TPMS market. With a reputation for reliability, durability, accuracy and ease of use of their solutions, PressurePro remains the only TPMS manufacturer that provides American Made product. The only TPMS provider to offer numerous advanced monitoring options, PressurePro was the first TPMS Company to add communications capabilities across their product line, bringing to life remote monitoring options alongside of the world’s leading Telematics products. PressurePro also remains the only TPMS provider to offer fully automated drop-and-hook applications and data logging abilities. Trusted by customers worldwide, PressurePro remains committed to providing savings and safety for drivers worldwide. For further information visit PressurePro online at